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Meet Andrea

Business Strategist & Social Media Expert

Hello Friend! 

I have over ten years of experience in sales, social media creation & 8 years specializing in Business Strategy + Development.  I am here for you!


I am classically trained with an expensive piece of paper that says I know a thing or two about Marketing. My greatest pleasure is developing a strategy that utilizes your strengths, hones your skills & supports your dreams.  

Being able to maintain, grow & remain ahead of the trends is what we will achieve together. 

I believe that your business or personal success resides in the ability to pool our collective knowledge. 

I also believe in the power of DIY! I implement this idea into my personal life & my digital courses.

If you can learn it, you can do it! 

From the 7 figure brands to entrepreneurs or small business owners, creating a strategy in which YOU thrive is the goal. It's time to step into what actually can be. 

I live in Texas with my amazing, feisty kiddos & furry animals. My favorite things are DIY-ing my house, traveling & Disneyland. You have one life to live & it is too short not to wear the Disney Ears or Eat Dessert! 

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